“I really like this guy, but don’t want to come on too strong”

I met a guy a┬ámonth ago. I initiated everything: I talked to him first, I asked him to go out several times. We recently hooked up and I’m not sure how I feel about everything. Personally, I do not know where I stand in terms of wanting a relationship, commitment or anything like that right now in my life. I do not know what I feel about him yet. I just know that I feel a little something when he doesn’t respond in a timely fashion.

I understand the importance of space, so I force myself to not spam him with messages, especially when he is not responding first. He responds really slowly, or not as fast as I would like him too. I am aware that not everyone is on social media as much as I am, but I just feel like things aren’t being reciprocated. The fact that I overthink so much definitely plays a role in this equation.

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“I have a crush on my casual hookup”

There is this guy right now, and we have this arrangement. I hooked up with him last year during his senior year, but he still comes back to visit my college all the time. And when he does, we always hook up.

He has this habit of not reaching out to me unless he thinks he’s coming back to school. Then he reaches out to me like two weeks out, we chat, and then inevitably hook up when he does come back. I don’t know what the arrangement is, nor if I’m even close enough with him to pry about it, but I’m graduating very soon and moving near him.

I like him, I think, and really would like to try to maybe have something with him. But I have no idea how to even approach the subject without seeming clingy, or if I should even try at all. He insists that he genuinely cares about me, but I feel like he just says this to get sex, because as soon as we hook up, he fades back out for a while, until he thinks he’s going to see me again. I have so many questions and no idea how to ask him about it.