“When do I confront her?”

I found out yesterday my wife just started sexting with a high school sweetheart from 30+ years ago. She doesn’t know I know & I haven’t confronted her about it yet. I recently screwed up our relationship big time (finances), so I have no ground to stand on.

She kicked me out for 3 nights, before letting me back in the house while we fix the finances, but nothing promised. We have a family picnic this afternoon (not at our house) & I’m trying not to confront her before then as to not ruin the day, for the family’s sake, not hers, but I’m struggling keeping it in! We have two older kids from her first marriage, & a 14 year old of ours living in the house. When do I confront her?

“He treats me like a best mate”

I’m in love, but not feeling loved. I’m seriously and deeply in love with my high school sweetheart’ of 5 years, both of us having no other relationships beforehand. Before we were in a relationship, we were good friends for 6 years. We went to college together, went to festivals, lived together in a shitty flat for 2 years, and we often talk about our futures together.

He’s smart, handsome, kind, lovable, makes me laugh so much, and honestly a really good guy. There’s just one thing missing from an otherwise beautiful relationship … He’s a bit of a crappy boyfriend. Continue reading