“Is the grass greener on the other side?”

I have known this woman for about 8 years. We have been dating for 4 and have been engaged for 8 months, set to marry in December. I’m not sure if I’m in love with her anymore, yet I think she’s perfect. I can see myself living with this woman and having children with her but I’m not happy anymore.

Everything about getting married is stressing me out beyond comparison; money, a house, the wedding, every part of it. It’s draining me. I’m not sure of what to do anymore. Part of me wants to stick it out to make her happy and maybe I’ll be happy. Then another wants to just end it and experience everything out there. We’ve been together since before high school graduation and we are now graduating college.

I feel as though I’ve been tied down and I’m starting to desire something else. More and more women are catching my eye and I’m crushing on a coworker. I’m losing my mind and am looking for some guidance. Thank you in advance for any wisdom and advice shared. I appreciate it.