“Does this guy have feelings for me or not?”

Me and this guy have been friends for 2-3 years and last year I admitted to him that I had a crush on him. He said that he couldn’t be with me, because he was going to be in a relationship soon with another girl.

We stayed friends but not close. But the thing is that he never said that he does not have feelings for me but he always wants to be close to me, he stares at me a lot (like in every class), he’s always the one who wants to start a conversation with me, I’ve noticed that when people are talking to him they always look at me. Continue reading

“I have feelings for a work colleague”

Okay here goes – so there is this guy I work with, for the past few months he’s really caught my eye but for the past week, ever since a work’s night out drinking, I feel that I have developed something even stronger. I just have this gut feeling that he has as well but there are some issues.

I have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend, my boyfriend was my first and I’m pretty sure his girlfriend was his, we’ve both been with our partners for a long time.
Although I’m not a geek, I feel he’s a bit more popular than me, he’s not like the most popular person on earth and we have a lot in common really, just his girlfriend in my opinion is prettier and skinnier than me which leads me to believe this is all in my head as why would he like me when he has her? Continue reading