“My ex-boyfriend has no boundaries with the mother of his child”

My ex boyfriend and I are trying to work things out. His relationship with the mother of his child has been a problem with me because I feel they have no boundaries. For example, while we were in a relationship she would send him sexually charged comments. He would tell me she’s just joking but I don’t find it funny and he won’t correct it. Now today while I was at his house, her car broke down on her way to drop off their kids. She ended up having to stay the night. At 12 o’clock in the morning, he is alone in the guest room with her for almost an hour. It upset me and I told him that but he didn’t think it was a big deal. Am I overreacting?

“My pregnant girlfriend’s family hates me, and she cheated on me, too”

To understand the seriousness of my question, I must tell you the short bit of what’s going on …

A girl I was with before got pregnant, but I only found out after three months of not talking to her. She is now in her 3rd trimester. After hearing the news, I started working towards a better life for my child. We ended up back together, because I figured I had few other options at the time, and finding out that news was so random.

I tagged along with a family member to go to Alaska. I had discussed this with her, and we had it planned so that I would get set up there first, and then she would come along as well, so that we could give the family thing a shot and stay together.

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