“Will I be okay seeing my husband with another girl?”

I don’t know how to put this … I have a very REAL fantasy of using a strap-on. I am a woman.
My husband and I do anal regularly, but now I feel I want to return the favor. He is very taken aback by this fantasy of mine. I just can’t shake the feeling though. It turns me on immensely! I think about it very regularly.

When my husband met me, I was dating a woman. The sex was average (no toys). So I’ve asked my husband if he’d be willing to let me do it to him, as I was willing to try — and now enjoy — anal for him.

I have told him that I am willing to get a third party (a girl) in. Understandably, he asked if he could do the same to this girl. This is all in talks, and he says he really needs to sit down and think about all of this before he decides anything. I’m just worried about how I’d react to seeing him with another girl. I know I’d love to do her, but would I be okay watching my husband do her? Continue reading