“Am I a sex addict?”

I am a bad guy. I have made some horrible decisions. And I am beginning to believe, despite laughing off even the thought this was possible, I have an addiction that is taking over my life.

I am very afraid I have a sex addiction. I’m married over 20 years. We have had a few problems over the years, but nothing close to serious… in fact, our problems/arguments are probably less frequent than the average married couple. Sex life is also pretty good. For a while, I thought our sex life was boring. I pursued other women.  Continue reading

“I’m falling in love with an escort”

I have been seeing an escort for paid sex on an irregular basis since April. I had seen other girls before, but this one was the first that I liked enough to see again. I understand you may have already judged me as some vile pervert just from those first sentences, and I would not blame you. I take no pride in it, but hear me out. I really like her. We connected on a physical and intellectual level, I enjoyed the conversation as much as the sex, which says something as the sex is incredible.

I also think that because I’m the only client near her age — I’m 24 and she’s 21 — she feels that she can open up and relax with me. Last time we met she didn’t seem to want me to go, despite my paid time being up, because we were so deep in conversation. I had to stop it to leave as I felt bad I was taking up her free time. She also seems to like that I care that she enjoys our time as much as I do and comments about my oral skills every time.

I’ve recently joined the Army and start in less than a week. I told her that this means I can no longer see her due to the risk on dismissal and that this week will be the last, but she wants to write to me while I’m at training and even said she wants to send me pictures to keep my spirits up. I’ve had feelings for her since we first met, thus why I continued to see her, but I thought she would never see me as anything more than a client. I’m still not sure. It feels like she’s taking a personal interest in me, but I might be misreading the situation. I also don’t know how to win the heart of a girl who has men pay for her company, not that her profession bothers me.

If something were to blossom between us, I wouldn’t put any pressure on her to stop. That can only be her choice. I see her on Saturday, I’m thinking of just telling her how I feel. I doubt she’ll be shocked, but at least I’ll know where I stand after that.