“I’m a lesbian in love with a girl who hates me”

I’m 16. I’m a lesbian. And I’m in love with one girl from my school. But she’s not in love with me.
We were friends a couple weeks ago. And then I fucked up. I did stupid things and I can’t fix it. I suppose she now hates me. We don’t talk anymore. I miss her so much and I hate myself for losing the girl I love, even as a friend.

Now I see two ways for me. The first one is where I can try to apologize again (I tried but it didn’t work,) or try to do something to get our friendship back. I don’t know if it is possible, but I can try one more time, because I really love her and being only a friend for her killed me, but it was amazing to talk to her every day. And the other way is where I just accept all the pain and give up on her and make myself to forget her. I don’t know what is right. I want her back so much, but maybe it’ll be better for everyone if I give up on her.

I’m tired of wasting my time, my thoughts, my nerves, my tears on her. Maybe I should get over her? It’ll be painful and awful and I’ll probably die, but one day I’ll wake up and not be thinking about her.
So, what should I do?

“My crush on a straight guy is causing me heartache”

I’m a guy in a bit of an ordeal.

Since November, I’ve been walking home with this straight guy from my school. At first, I felt nothing when I was walking with him… In fact, I never imagined I would ever like him…

As time progressed, I found myself feeling so…alive every time I saw him at school. I knew that I would inevitably be met with pain, as he would never reciprocate such a feeling; but I continued to let my feelings grow. I thought it was the only way out of the pain I felt previously for another straight crush… Continue reading