“I really like this guy, but don’t want to come on too strong”

I met a guy a┬ámonth ago. I initiated everything: I talked to him first, I asked him to go out several times. We recently hooked up and I’m not sure how I feel about everything. Personally, I do not know where I stand in terms of wanting a relationship, commitment or anything like that right now in my life. I do not know what I feel about him yet. I just know that I feel a little something when he doesn’t respond in a timely fashion.

I understand the importance of space, so I force myself to not spam him with messages, especially when he is not responding first. He responds really slowly, or not as fast as I would like him too. I am aware that not everyone is on social media as much as I am, but I just feel like things aren’t being reciprocated. The fact that I overthink so much definitely plays a role in this equation.

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