“Why is he going MIA on me?”

I’ve been at this company for a year and worked under the direction of one of the top execs of the company – he’s married. Over the course of a few months, I started to pick up on an attraction from him; long and very intense eye contact, and at other times he cannot make eye contact with me at all. This only ignited a spark in me and suddenly I was paying closer attention. I tried to downplay, tell myself to ignore it all, it is what it is and let it be.¬† Continue reading

“I’m disturbed after discovering my husband’s social media accounts”

My ¬†husband and I have been married for 6 years through arranged marriage. We have a son (5) and a daughter (2). He was never on Facebook, whereas I have been for some years now. He never seemed inclined and I didn’t fuss over it. However, a few months back out of curiosity I searched his name on FB and realised he had opened an account for more than a year.

When I asked him, he shrugged off stating he never really used it and had opened one on insistence of his colleagues and to connect with friends from his days abroad. When I asked him why hadn’t he added me? He just avoided it saying he never uses it. Nevertheless, I added him and though he seemed reluctant, he eventually accepted it. I checked his account and indeed most people on his friends list were his colleagues from work and few old friends. He had a picture from his late 20s as his profile picture (he’s 40 now). He hadn’t filled out any details and he hadn’t put a single picture of us or our kids. I was not too happy but I thought he wanted to keep things private and professional and let it be.
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