“I swear she thinks my dick is small”

Hey, I’m a male. I had a pretty amazing relationship for almost an year. We enjoyed sex. She never complained. After about a year, a thing came to my mind that she had mentioned at the start of this relationship. The thing was ‘we were on a date and we started having kinda sexual chat, after some time there was a topic of dick sizes and stuff.’

Out of curiosity I asked her about her ex’s which I think I shouldn’t have done. She told me about it with gestures and was clearly bigger than my asset.  Now, I cannot get that thing out of my mind and I keep thinking about it again and again. We had numerous fights regarding this topic. I feel that I do not satisfy her. Even though she enjoys it a lot. After that thing happened last year. I have been very conscious regarding my dick size even though my girlfriend says it’s normal, it’s average, it’s not small. I think that this is for sympathy. Our relationship is on the verge of ending because of this thing. Please help.


3 thoughts on ““I swear she thinks my dick is small”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Go seek counciling. She’s not going to be able to make you feel better. Also, dude, its about the motion in the ocean, not the giant pole painfully hitting my (I.sorry expletive here) cervix. You are the male equivalent of a girl thinking she’s not pretty enough.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think its time you read some books on how to improve sex. Look your dick means very little to her. Women are more turned on mentally than by looks. Most can’t have orgasms by penetration all so your sizzle is irrelevant to her pleasure. However, that huge insecurity over it IS a turn off. Seek solo professional therapy to work on it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am a woman and I can tell you that the size of a guy’s dick has never been something I noticed. I’ve had guys I’ve dated/hooked up with ask me what’s the biggest I’ve had and I couldn’t tell em bc I don’t know, I don’t pay attention to that. And to be honest, big dicks can HURT. Like a lot. Don’t let this ruin your relationship. And nothinf she can say is gonna make you feel better bc you have built this up so much in your mind. Find something that builds your confidence or go talk to someone about ways to get past this bc otherwise this will continually be an issue.

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