“My sexy teasing is making him upset”

Hello! So me and my boyfriend are going through a long distance relationship right now, and we’re having a difficult time trying to get through it. One of the most recent bumps that we went through was that sometimes I tease him too much. And when I mean tease I mean wear sexy clothes, give him shows on Skype or FaceTime, or talk dirty to him. Before we went on the long distance thing we had sex regularly, and it has always been fun.

When we were together we would always tease each other and no one ever complained. But the reason why he thinks it’s too much sometimes is because he just misses me a lot. I understand what he is trying to say but my thing is that I don’t want to tease him if it’s just going to lead to him being turned off. Whenever I try to give him a show it always ends in us being sad or misunderstood. I don’t want to stop and he doesn’t either, we want to have fun, but we just don’t know how to tell each other “that’s enough” without making the other person feel bad.

2 thoughts on ““My sexy teasing is making him upset”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think that normally in LDR’s that helps you get through them to be together. This may be a sign that in the long run that you should not be together. Consider this a red flag. If he keeps finding things wrong like this, he may be trying to make you break up without being the bad guy himself.

  2. Charliestar says:

    I’d say that you need to compromise if he’s not feeling it then why keep doing it? I don’t think he’s being unreasonable making him sexually frustrated would be irritating if there was no end goal…

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