“I’m bored with my relationship”

I’ve been dating this guy for almost 6 months now, but recently I’ve been getting bored with the relationship. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great guy and an amazing boyfriend and we were even friends for a long time before we started to date. It’s just that recently I’ve been getting really annoyed over little things and the relationship isn’t exciting like it used to be.

Also, my ex is back from college and I’ve been fantasizing about him sexually.. a lot. I’ve been thinking of breaking up with my boyfriend, but I’m afraid of losing the only person who’s close to me and I can open up to. I generally keep my feelings to myself and not many people really know me. I’m ready to be free of the obligations of a relationship and explore other options, but I don’t want to lose my only real friend.

One thought on ““I’m bored with my relationship”

  1. M says:

    Alright, so First, You might consider the option that you might just not be ready for a relationship then. Every relationship eventually becomes less exciting then it was in the beginning. And being not ready for a relationship, isn’t a bad hing or a flaw in any way. Second option is of course, that maybe he s just not the right guy for you. Which can also be the case. Being friends with your lover is great, but making your friend a lover, does not always works out just as well. However, fantasizing about your ex, is a whole other thing. Don’t go down tht path… he is an EX for a reason, and you did not imply you want to get back together again, so i am not assuming anything, but we always tend to idiolise things that are in our past. All that said, you seem to look at it in a kind of selfish way – you are bored, you re afraid to loose a friend… if you break up with him, you probably will loose that friend, but hey, maybe you should consider him as well, like how serious are you two? Will it hurt him? Maybe there are ways to bring the spark back? have you talked to him about it? maybe he feels the same way? At the end of the day, if you are unhappy, Yes, move on, break up with him and explore, but you have to take responsibility for the painful consequences, that will probably follow, you can’t have everything.

    best of luck

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