“I’ve started seeing my ex-boyfriend’s dad”

I’ve started seeing my ex-boyfriends dad.

Long story short, me and my ex went out in high school. He made bad life choices which inevitably led to me leaving him. He had a hard time with drugs and was a pathological liar. Our paths crossed again now we are in our early 20’s and he had changed. Well, he stopped taking drugs. We tried again and it was good, but I couldn’t bring myself to commit, probably due to the fact he is still full of shit. Throughout our brief second relationship I became close with his family and got on really well with his dad.  I did feel something for his dad. I was all messed up and confused, but I knew his dad and we just gelled. Never insinuating anything whilst in a relationship, just got on really well and I respected him so much.

Since the second break up I found myself talking to his dad more and more. The flirting became apparent and we ended up sleeping together. At first I thought fuck it, it’s a one off, nothing will come of it, but now we meet up regularly, not just for sex, but because we get on so well, and share similar interests.

It’s all in secret, even though my ex-boyfriend knows me and his dad get on so well. I find myself feeling anxious all the time and not being able to sleep, but I still don’t want to end what we have. I have no idea if it will come to anything but I want to find out. I’m in my early 20’s and he is in his mid 40’s and its not the age that we are concerned about. It’s the, ‘you’re my ex’s dad and we are both dead if anyone finds out.’ I should point out that he is single, although I know his ex, the mum, does want him back whilst playing away with her current boyfriend. Could this be anymore messed up?

4 thoughts on ““I’ve started seeing my ex-boyfriend’s dad”

  1. invktion says:

    It seems like you’re getting too hung up on what your ex will think. In fairness, it definitely wouldn’t be easy to find out that your ex was going out with your dad. However, the way I see it, it’s your relationship, not his. If the two of you want to go out, then it shouldn’t matter whether or not your ex approves of it. If you’re really concerned about it, talk with your boyfriend about it, and see what he thinks. It’s something that’ll affect him just as much as it will affect you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry and all, but think about this; if you and current lay decide to get serious, married even, you will have fucked your stepson …
    I’ll just leave that there

  3. Shhhhhhh says:

    I am in a similar situation but I’m in my 30’s and the dad in the 50’s and the heart ❤️ Just wants what it wants and as long as it isn’t physical harm then it’s fine, a challenge but nothing that can’t be resolved.
    Life is short live your life cause word is wind.

  4. Lina says:

    I’ve been with my ex boyfriends Dad for 10 years and our relationship started when I was 18.
    I feel so embarrassed talking about it in this way because I must be a joke to most people but our relationship is honest and loving and it has been since day 1. We just fell for each other and had an amazing connection.

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