“I’m in love with my best friend, who lives in New Zealand”

I live in America and I have a best friend who lives in New Zealand. We have been talking for four years. I am in love with him and he feels the same. I am hesitant to try long distance right now, though, in the past I haven’t been. In the past he was scared, and now its me who is afraid. We have been besties through a lot, so I know our friendship can survive a lot, but I am scared if we broke up we might not be friends, and that would basically be unbearable for me. He does wanna move here, but doesn’t have the money at this point, and it would be a year or more before he did.

I really do love him – he’s great to talk to and gives good advice, and I can tell he really cares about, and loves me. Should I try long distance???

One thought on ““I’m in love with my best friend, who lives in New Zealand”

  1. Aiden Cantrell says:

    Ive been in long distance relationships before, and I know it isnt what you want to hear, but dont do it. It doesnt matter how intense the connection is, distance doesnt work. And i will tell you why. You say it would be about a year before he could move here? say you get together, you spend months planning on him to get here, waiting, longing, and then when the time comes, he cant make it. he needs more time, more money. It will hurt, and all of this fear will come back sevenfold. That is just one reason, there are plenty more. in the end, if you truly care about him, and he feels the same, Then wait until hes here. If its meant to happen, then it will happen.

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