“He handcuffed me, then had sex with another woman in front of me”

Last night I was humiliated, degraded, and cheated.

It was mine and my husband’s 13-year anniversary. We went to a nice restaurant. We ate and had some drinks, and then my husband, Mike, whispered to me that he has something special planned for tonight.

I got really excited and nervous. When we got home he told me to go get comfortable on the bed for my surprise, so I did. At this point I was so excited. I heard the front door open, then close. I was on the bed and he came upstairs and said, “your surprise has arrived”. He said, first, though, he wanted to blindfold me and handcuff both my hands to the bed. I was a little confused, but I let him. Once handcuffed to the bed, and blindfold, he said he’s going to get my present. He came back two minutes later.

He lowered my blindfold and I couldn’t believe my eyes. There stood in front of me with my husband a blonde woman in her bra and panties. I start to scream. He looked at me and said he was going to give me an anniversary I would never forget. I started crying, begging him to stop. “Don’t do this” I said. He then went on to have sex with this woman right in front of me while she just laughed in my face.

I woke up the next morning and don’t know what to do. Do I divorce him?

7 thoughts on ““He handcuffed me, then had sex with another woman in front of me”

  1. onefemalearch says:

    Honestly, there’s something wrong here. Either you gave him the impression you’d like to try something of the sort (because some women do enjoy this situation and don’t feel cheated) or he’s some really nasty guy… If you told him you didn’t want it, then he should have stopped immediately, and he should never have done it without knowing you’d be alright with it.

    Think about it: did he ask you in some sort of way lately about this kind of thing? Did you give him the impression you’d like to experiment other things and he just assumed this was one? (Wrongly ofc) Did he tell you he’d like to do it in some way (maybe he didn’t explain it that well)? This does not fogive what he did to you but it will help you understand, maybe.

    The fact that he still did it although you asked him to stop means he doesn’t respect you, end of story, so if that’s a deal breaker for you and means a divorce, go for it. It’s your choice and your life, so don’t react without thinking…but be sure that this won’t bother you in the future. You either forgive him (given a good explanation maybe you can) and forget it ever happened, or you will keep thinking about it unless you get a divorce.

    Personally I’d go for the divorce, the thought of my husband/bf having sex with someone else in front of me makes me feel sick and I’d never trust him again, but you are your own person and you should choose what will be good for you 🙂

    • Timi says:

      Hold on a second. What did you do to make him want to do that to you and in your face?

    • onefemalearch says:

      She most likely didn’t do anything for him to do it in her face…there are people who only feel good when mistreating others, as much as we’d love to believe there aren’t.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He’s a sociopath. Leave him and get a restraining order. Even if you’d ever mentioned wanting to try something like that, if you told him to stop, HE SHOULD STOP! That’s the basis an EFFING MARRIAGE! He’s messed up dear, and you need out.

  3. Buffysom89 says:

    Ignore the morons who asked what you may have done to encourage this. There is nothing you did to deserve this. Divorce him, get a restraining order and go live your best life. This is not normal. I work in this area and this is not a normal thing – your reaction was saying stop, and he laughed. Run. And I am so sorry honey.

  4. Adriana says:

    That is not right id devorce him and sew his ass for pain and suffering or take 100% of everything. Take his ass to court.

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