What a Fool

I was with this man for four years. From day one he lied, hid things from me, let other people run me down. His son is 21, he lied on me, went and got his mom, she attacked me, had to take her to court. My boyfriend would not go to court with me. Said his back was hurting. His mother told him I was trying to keep his son away from him. I was in the house and heard the conversation. My boyfriends dad is the only one that did not take up for his grandson. He knew he would lie. The only thing my boyfriend did was tell his son that he was wrong for what he did. I helped his son get a car. I helped my boyfriend get out of his mom’s house, move back into his trailer, helped get the lights on, a new hot water heater, new floors, heat and air. New ceiling in living room and kitchen. Helped him get two cars, clothes and bought stuff for the house. Got two lawyers to try and help him get his license back. Bought him a phone and put it on my plan. His sister has this girl she hangs around. She is a loud mouth and loves to drink. She likes to get all over men to. My son is handicapped, she tried him, when he resisted her, she threatened to cut him. I told my boyfriend about it, he would not believe it. Then she came to his house one night, I was there, I was looking right at her, she grabs my boyfriends head and buries it in her chest. I got him outside confronted him. Then when she gets ready to leave he seeks up to her and hugs her, he thought I was in the bathroom. I jumped on him. I thought she was gone she comes back another time and gets started with me, he does nothing. Then this Saturday she comes, she was running her mouth and I walk in. I confront him, he tells me to wash and go to bed. The last straw was Tuesday when I found he had been calling others, but told me he could not use his phone only on break and lunch time. I told him las night I was through, and I was cutting the phone off. He said he has done nothing wrong. He also owes me a lot of money. I told him the only time I will see him is when he has my money. I feel like a fool. I never want to try again.

One thought on “What a Fool

  1. Dennis Hong says:

    [You’re just venting, right? Because I sincerely hope there isn’t any question to be asked at this point….

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