You get to cheat. But…only once a year.

I read an article the other day about a Russian basketball player who’s wife allows him to cheat on her once per year. I get that there is temptation – even more so when you are in the spotlight (there’s nothing like an athlete or a celebrity to make you toss your panties) – but, really? Once per year? Her reasoning was that if something is forbidden, it makes you want to do it that much more. Yes, I get it – but isn’t that a slippery slope? Say he uses his hall pass in March. At that point, he has 8 months where he’s technically not allowed to cheat. So, now, since he cheated already this year, he won’t do it again? I kind of feel like that’s the equivalent of giving a baby 1 lick of a sucker then taking it away. For a year. That’s going to be a baby who is constantly thinking about wanting another lick, right? How is that helpful in keeping a solid relationship? Or am I missing the point?

3 thoughts on “You get to cheat. But…only once a year.

  1. Dennis Hong says:

    [Who knows? I mean, if it works for them, who are we to say that that’s wrong? Some couples never cheat. Some cheat covertly. Some cheat openly. And some have open relationships.

    What they’re doing may not be something you would personally put up with, but… you’re not the wife. So, as long as they’re happy, then I don’t see the point in judging them.

  2. Dariusk says:

    [My questions is, can he pro rate his allowance?
    If I were Mr R.B. Player I would want to take as much of my allowance now, while I’m young and still desirable. In his later years those “once per year” allowances might go to waste, as he may not even be able to find someone to cheat with! Why aren’t you asking the important questions?

    As to your actual question regarding the point and if you’ve missed it. I wouldn’t worry to much about it, it happens to me as well! I always see people using chopsticks to eat noodles, where I would rather simply use a fork. It’s a so much simpler, I never understand why people would go to all that cumbersome trouble, of having to operate two unattached sticks to dexterously pick up several strands of noodle just to enjoy a meal! It seems stupid to me, I don’t understand it, and I judge them for it! I cannot fathom how helpful such a complicated process can be to eating a simple meal! So I’m just like you in that regard I guess.

  3. resullins says:

    [I completely understand the reasoning here. I was raised that way… my mother did not forbid us a beer after we were 18, as long as we were in the house. And all of our young lives, we were allowed to play hooky for whatever reason we wanted once per quarter.

    It made us enjoy the gift we got, and not whine or beg or lie for more.

    While I don’t understand this logic applied to cheating, as I’m a jealous nut, I understand the psychology behind it.

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