8 thoughts on “Blue..

  1. DavidIsGreat says:

    [It sounds like a really simple thing but I don’t think enough people try this; when things are down, watch a funny movie or tv show. Or stand up. If you’re down, making yourself laugh is probably the best thing you can do

  2. Matt Sanchelli says:

    [I agree with David.

    I usually watch one of my favorite movies or TV shows…the ones that just always make me feel good.

    There are times where I’m make a playlist of ‘Get Pissed’ songs and then go on a long run, or get a good workout in at the gym.

  3. AKchic says:

    [I talk to my 3 year old. Any of my kids, really, but the 3 year old is at that funny, literal stage. Poor kid has cow-licks like crazy and a “rat tail” cow-lick at the back of his head. I mentioned he had a rat-tail on his head yesterday and he looked at me funny, dropped his pants and said “no, tails are on your butt and I no have a tail on my butt, see?”.
    The awesome power of a 3 year old. I bet it made all who read this at least crack a smile (crack, get it?).

  4. Solstice says:

    [Go to your favorite restaurant. Watch one of your favorite movies. Listen to your favorite songs. Go for the never-fail stuff that always puts you in a good mood.

    Hope you cheer up soon!

  5. Liastim says:

    [I’m not sure about this being foolproof, since anything I do automatically involves at least one fool, but I’ve found taking drives with no particular destination in mind helps. Listening to music you like. Stop for a snack somewhere.

    Writing down the story of a pleasant memory which you can recall helps too. Or writing an insulting letter to someone you hate, whatever works 🙂

  6. karlos says:

    [I make a cup of tea.

    Once it’s made I add milk one drop at a time, I then watch the milk change the colour of the liquid as it swirls and dissipates in a way completely unique to that exact time and place. Then I realise that everything in life is completely and utterly amazing if you look at it the right way.

    Then I drink the tea, because tea makes me feel better.

  7. lilredbmw says:

    [I bake, I go out and ride my bike, swim, run. That way, I can eat all of the delicious stuff I have just baked and not have any consequences.

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