Good Advice For Relationship (Learned By Doing)

Now that THAT is out of the way! If i’m friends with you on Facebook, you may have seen this post. The other night Babe was taking pictures of me in two different outfits so that I could compare the two for an upcoming event. Well it was a new phone, and he wasnt sure what he was doing, and ended up video recording instead of still pictures. He took two different videos, one without us knowing he was doing so, and one when he knew, and tried to convince me he wasnt. Since it was just the two of us, we were acting normal and comfortable. Watching the videos later, we got to actually SEE how we interact. You think you know, but seeing it is something else. Him and i live together, see each other every day, and interact every day. But i never SAW it, i just lived it. It was AMAZING! To us it had been a normal moment, watching it we got to see how much we joke, tease, laugh, smile, and how we really look when we are looking at each other. I did not realize how much love I convey through MY eyes. I can see it in his, he can see it in mine, but you cant see it in yourself. So, guys or girls, when trying to ‘take a picture’ with your phone or camera, try video taping without the other knowing. And of course it will only work if you are acting natural. But let me tell you, since watching that together, we both agree we have a new perspective on our relationship. And its a good one. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Good Advice For Relationship (Learned By Doing)

  1. Metacognition says:

    [I tried this once. My girlfriend called it a “sex tape” and that “she’d kill me.”
    After I woke up from my concussion, I decided then and there to NEVER try taping her again without her knowing.

  2. Matt Sanchelli says:

    [I big into photography and cameras, been collecting various styles of cameras for the last few years; so it’s only reasonable that I typically enjoy taking pictures almost all the time and actually grateful that when I don’t have one of my actual cameras with me I have a decent one on my phone.

    I get constant crap from my girlfriend because we’ll be doing something (cooking, shopping, etc) and she’ll see I have my camera out and thinks I’m taking a picture…when in fact I’m actually taking video. Bugs the hell out of her…

    but I don’t think she minded too much when I put together a DVD of all of the random video moments I’ve captured.

  3. Papa Geek says:

    [Same goes for the rug rats. Some of the best video I’ve got of the kids was when they didn’t even realize I was watching them just play and have fun with each other.

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