“Did I scare him off?”

This guy and I have been school mates since elementary school till college. We never noticed each other until college started. Since we were paired up together in a group project, we became a bit closer. I felt that he has, maybe, some feelings for me because he really cared about me when I was sick in school and I noticed that he didn’t do the same for other girls. He would occasionally steal glances at me in classes. In addition, he would stare at me when I was laughing with my friends and he would then be curious and ask me what was I discussing about with my friends.

I feel like he was always inquisitive about my life which I didn’t see him doing to other girls. My classmates joked about us being together and he would always smile and look at me. During that period of time, I didn’t dare to confess to him because both of us were preparing for national exams and I didn’t want to get distracted. After the exam, he went for his national service. I finally made a decision to open up to him and tried to message him after months of pondering. Continue reading