“My boyfriend has a secret relationship with another girl”

So, I was with this guy for five months, and everything was essentially perfect until just the other day, when another girl texted me saying that she was his girlfriend of five months. We compared notes and he met both of us with in a week of each other (asshole!).

I never pushed to be exclusive with him because I myself finally left a five-year relationship that was very abusive just a few months just before meeting him. Feelings are hard, and I was still feeling damaged, but he caught me off guard. He was so nice and presented himself as everything I ever wanted in a man, and he was just so damn nice and good to me.

He has two kids and is a great part-time dad — always there for his kids (I myself am a single mom), and he takes care of his sick, elderly mother. He has a good job, works really hard, and is handsome (fuck, is he hot! Ugh!). He was everything my ex wasn’t. He was perfect. 😦 Continue reading