“My guy is preventing me hanging with my friends”

I’ve been dating a guy on and off for about 7 years. He generally hates my friends, and doesn’t enjoy going to the events that I do. I used to make an effort to invite him/bring him along when I went out, but every time I did, ┬áit just ended in him being rude and angry, and my friends not understanding why I was with him.

My friends hit me up to hang out all of the time, but if I do go out without my boyfriend he gets sullen and possessive. It’s gotten to the point that I find myself lying to my friends and making excuses not to see them just to avoid a fight. When I do go out I get anxious because I know that I’m going to be fighting to be able to go out up until I step out of the door, and that when I get back I’m going to be in ‘trouble’. Is it unreasonable to go out with my friends alone? We go on dates but he complains that he never gets to go out with me and my friends….I basically feel fucked if I do or fucked if I don’t. Advice?