“I gave a co-worker a blow job”

I work with a guy 12 years my junior, ¬†who I never really had any naughty notions about until recently. He started hitting on me and suggesting that I go down on him. Seeing as I hadn’t seen any action in a very long time, I went with it. It was exciting to have a younger man take an interest in me, so I gave him oral sex twice.

After the first time, he told me he doesn’t date or sleep with co-workers. Then after the second time, he started ignoring me and I found out he actually had a date two days after the encounter. I got pretty angry, but never said anything to him. Now things are awkward and we don’t speak except for shop talk. Part of me is still upset, part of me still wants him, and part of me just wants things to go back to normal. I also kind of want to know if I gave a bad blow job or he’s just so into this new girl he can’t talk to me. What do I do?