“Her mom is getting in the way of our relationship”

Hi I’m Dee and I’ve been friends with this girl since we were 12 and we’ve been dating for most of that time, I’ve really fallen in love with her. So we are both 19 now and in our senior year in high school and she really wants a life with me after we graduate.

I really want to marry her but the only problem is her mom, she’s never really liked me and I’ve never given her a reason not to, I have a feeling it’s a race thing.

So my question is, should I marry her knowing her mom won’t be happy of our marriage, or hurt the only girl I ever’d loved?


“Should I stick around and see what happens?”

So me and my ex broke up 2 years ago but have remained good friends throughout it all. It wasn’t a bad break up, we had just kinda lost the feeling. As weird as it may sound to some people, we still hang out and talk, nothing romantic. We’ve both dated since the breakup, it’s really cool. He’s been there for me through a lot. Recently late at night he text me out of no where and said he wanted to marry me one day.

This really caught me off guard and I figured he wasn’t fully there or he was just messing around so at first I didn’t take it seriously. Then we started to hang out a lot more and he reiterated it to me multiple times. I’ve definitely regained feelings back and he claims he has too. But we’ve talked about getting back together and he says that he really wants to but he doesn’t want to deal with “commitment” and he wants to just “be a teenager” is it right for me to stick around and just see what happens? Do you think he’s being honest about how he feels or is he just messing with me?