“I’m lonely and I can’t make new friends”

I’m going start off with I’m not crazy psychotic. or anything like that. Now that that’s clear, after searching ‘ask for advice online’ I found this site, and well, I need some advice.

The thing is, I’m just lonely. I tried a ton of websites to meet/make new friends, I’ve tried MeetUp, long story short, there’s nothing in my area. I even thought of volunteering, to meet new people and do some good. After numerous applications filled out, I heard nothing. I don’t have any opportunities to meet new friends in my day to day life, or through my favorite hobbies.  Nor can I even create any, so I’m literally stuck, and have been now for quite a while.

I am not at all happy about it. I should mention that I have a certain mental disorder, that just doesn’t help the matter out one bit, long story, has something to do with how it makes me appear/seem to others and leave it at that.

“Grad school is stressing me out and I’m lonely”

Grad school has taken such a toll on me. I am earning a doctorate. I just moved back in with my parents so I can finish writing so I can get my degree ahead of schedule. I ended a relationship of four years in my first year of phd, and ever since I’ve been keeping a loop of guys to release some tension.

But now… I’ve never been more lonely. I moved out of the big city into a small town so I don’t have to stay in this program for the 6 yrs allotted (currently in my fourth). My day consists of waking up, French Lessons, working on my doc until 6, working out, dinner with the parents, sleep. I love this routine and I can see my progress, but I am so alone! I rationalised doing this for 6 months so I can pump out this baby and start my next step, but longing for human connection (beyond my wonderful parents) is making me unbelievably sad!

I can’t take on a relationship right now, and I left my hook-up loop players back in the big city. Any suggestions on how to alleviate some of this loneliness without jeopardising my routine?


Pre-doc saddy