“I’m threatened by my girlfriend’s best friend”

Is it okay if my girlfriend, that I’ve known and fought to be with for almost 2 years, is best friends with someone she’s known for almost 6 months, who she knows is in love with her? It has been confirmed by mutual friends, that were confided in by said ‘best friend.’

Am I overreacting and being a ‘possessive dick’ when I get upset about all the time they spent together,  and out-of-town overnight trips they take together? I am told over and over again my girlfriend has zero feelings for anyone other than me. But I can’t help but feel threatened by it.

“My boyfriend masturbated to another girl”

My boyfriend and I are very open with each other. We have talked about our past crushes and who we thought were cute. One of them is one of my best friends. I would have no problem with this, but he had masturbated to her when he liked me. He said he did it to take his mind off me. He was obsessed with me then. He said that she was a distraction from me.

During that time, we both had a huge crush on each other. I wouldn’t have minded if it was any other girl, but this is one of my best friends. Recently, he admitted that he didn’t know if he masturbated to her just because of her appearance. When we first discussed this, he said it was because she reminded him of me. Now, I don’t know what to think anymore! It hurt me a lot. I thought I was the only one he thought about, had a huge crush on at the time. Continue reading

“My friends don’t care I was hurt by my ex”

I know there’s nothing I can do, but if anything, I just wanted to vent. I’m just feeling somewhat upset that my friends remain such close friends with my ex. It’s been years since things ended, but he cheated with my best friend at the time, among other things, so it left me with lasting insecurities.

I’d prefer never to see him or hear about him again, but we share so many mutual friends. I was hoping at least my closest female friends would understand how I feel, but it doesn’t feel so. Last night, I was out with a few girl friends, and they invited him out too. They got incredibly drunk and kept giggling about how much they adore him, how cute they think he is, how much they want to hook up with him, how they message him every single day, etc. They kept talking about it all night, and I felt so uncomfortable. I know I can’t dictate who my friends are friends with, and I know it’s ancient history.

Regardless, it was a part of my life that really messed me up, and I had hoped my closest friends would sympathize. I don’t expect them to never speak to him again, but I at least would imagine they wouldn’t constantly invite him to our girl’s nights out,  or gab about him incessantly in front of me. I just feel invalidated, like they never even acknowledged how hurt I was. I wish I could change the way I feel about this.