“Our relationship is affecting our friend group”

My boyfriend and I were part of a pretty small friend group before we got together. We all hung out frequently, but now that we’re dating, we mostly hang out with just each other. Though I enjoy being with my boyfriend, I feared that this would happen and our friend groups dynamic would be off.

Now, my boyfriend kind of separates me and our friend groups interactions with him. Recently, I decided to visit him in the afternoon. He had told me another one of our friends would be coming over too, which I was completely fine with. While we were waiting for him, my boyfriend started talking about how excited he was to hang out with our friend alone (exact words: “I was so excited to hang out with him alone, then you came over.”) Normally, I wouldn’t be upset, but he said this after I had already asked beforehand if I could come over and he seemed fine with it. Only when I was actually there, did he say this. I left because of this a few minutes after our friend came over. Does anyone think I’m in the wrong?