“I had a sex dream about a coworker”

I’m only 19 and have been in a relationship with a guy for a little over a year. This is my first serious relationship where we both have openly expressed our love for each other. He is my best friend and has been there for me through everything that I’ve gone through in the past year (it’s been a lot of sh*t to say the least). But I often have days where I feel different about him; some days I feel so happy and completely in love with him and other days I question why I’m even with him (even though he has never done anything like cheated or been physically or verbal abusive). Only downside is that I’m not really physically or sexually attracted to him; although sex is almost a daily occurrence.

Anyways now that’s there’s some background here is my dilemma. I had a sex dream about someone I work with whom I find very attractive and sweet and could even say I have a little “crush” on. After having this dream I can’t stop thinking about him. I noticed it has been affecting the way I feel about my boyfriend, but I have not made any of this known to him. I don’t really know what to do now since it has been all I can think about. I have felt this feeling of detachment with my boyfriend before but never because of someone else. Am I just looking too far into this dream or does it mean something?