“Could she get pregnant?”

Inexperienced, so a little embarrassed to ask. But here we go, was fooling around with someone and in the process I premature ejaculated in my shorts (didn’t wipe my penis afterwards due to excitement)  After a minute goes by she says to grab a condom.. I do, it’s dark, and having trouble putting it on, may have put it on the wrong way at first (not sure) .. we don’t get deep into penetration at all, the mood is killed, so we stop. Is it possible for my partner to get pregnant at all due to these mishaps…


“I found condoms in his pocket”

My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 months. We stopped using condoms when we ran out, a few months into our relationship. Today, while doing laundry, I felt something in his pocket, so I pulled it out, so whatever it was wouldn’t get washed.  I found 2 condoms. Is this a sure sign that he is cheating on me?