“Do I still have feelings for my ex?”

Recently I have just got into a new relationship, it’s 3 months in and I’m already so in love with him, and couldn’t picture my life with anyone else. He treats me perfectly and we haven’t really had any problems yet, but lately I’ve been thinking about my ex and I don’t know why. My ex and I never made it to getting into an actual relationship because there were always things that went wrong, but we were always on and off for about two years. Continue reading

“I have two boyfriends and neither of them know about each other”

I’m reaching out here because I’m stuck in a big problem and I don’t know what to do anymore. I was with a boy for 3 and a half years, he is one year younger so he is in his last year of High school. He is disloyal to me and I know because I have friends who are still in high school, and tell me they either saw him being flirty, or getting to touchy with a bunch of different girls.

But it’s not just that, I feel it in my heart and when he answers my questions, I can tell his answers are not honest and genuine. However, I have no proof he is cheating. So I made the stupid decision to start cheating. I am now talking to this other guy, but as I’m getting to know him, he seems to come with more problems. He is a convicted felon which I was unaware of. Half of the town girls say he’s cool and funny and hot and other times,┬áhe’s crazy and rude and mean. Continue reading