Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, what is LemonVibe?

Lets face it. Love is complicated. We believe that questions on dating and relationships are just too complex for any one person to have all the answers. So, we’ve created a community for real people to share their personal insights and help each other out. Our goal is to offer advice seekers as many perspectives as possible and let them decide for themselves what works.

Think of it as crowdsourcing relationship advice … anonymously!

So how do I participate at LemonVibe?

There are several ways:

  1. If you’re looking for advice, you can submit a blurb, which can be a question on dating and relationships, or a general topic you want to discuss.
  2. If you have an issue you’re trying to hash out with your partner, the two of you can submit a tiff together. A tiff works just like a blurb, except both people present their sides of the story, and then everyone else can weigh in.
  3. If you want to offer your own insights, you can comment on the blurbs that other members post.
  4. Or, you can remain a vital part of our community by rating the blurbs and comments of others.

And why should I participate at LemonVibe?

Because it’s fun! Humans are social animals, and we believe that people tend to have an innate desire to assist each other. Maybe you have a question that someone else can answer. At the same time, maybe you have the answer to someone else’s question. That’s what we’re all here for!


What if I have a blurb I want to post, but I don’t want people knowing that it’s me?

Simple. We give everyone the option to submit blurbs anonymously. We know that sometimes, your friends or *gasp* significant others may also read the site, so you may not want your private issues blasted out for all the world to read. We get it.


Okay, I think I’m ready to get started. Is there anything else I should know?

Remember, the point of LemonVibe is to provide as many perspectives as possible, while also encouraging members to give helpful feedback. Everyone is different, and every situation is unique. That’s why there are no simple answers in life. If you’re seeking advice, please be detailed and thorough in your explanation. And if you’re offering feedback, please be thoughtful and respectful of others. We’re all here to learn from each other, not prove everyone else wrong.

So, stick around for a while, and….

Wait, wait! One last question. Why “LemonVibe”?

Honestly? Because the internet is full. We wanted a name that was short and catchy, but would also convey the point of the site. Well, that simply wasn’t possible, given the noticeable lack of one- and two-word domain names that are still available to be registered. So, we decided on LemonVibe because 1) it’s available, 2) we like the way the two words go together, and 3) we can cobble together an explanation and say that “vibe” refers to the impression people get when they read a blurb, and lemons are both sweet and sour, which represents the pleasant and unpleasant vibes people might get from reading said blurb.

But really. Internet. Full.

Ah, gotcha. Darn those internet domain name squatters, huh?

Totally. Anyway, we were saying….

Stick around for a while, and maybe you’ll even become one of our Community Experts. Have fun!