“I feel guilty about my emotional cheating”

About three years ago, I met the guy of my dreams. We have been dating for 2.5 years, and I truly love him. I feel like we connect emotionally and physically, and I know that is a rare find!

I’ve never felt so close to someone. However, since a few weeks ago, I have been starting to feel attracted to a colleague. One night, I got drunk and slept over at the colleague’s house. At night nothing happened, but in the morning, when we were sober, we held each other and talked about our feelings of attraction for each other.

He is also in a relationship, and we did not want to cheat physically, so nothing happened. I have been feeling terrible guilty about the emotional cheating, though. I keep thinking about the colleague, and we still talk a lot (though never about what happened). I also love my current boyfriend and can’t even think of the possibility of losing him or hurting him. Help, what do I do?

4 thoughts on ““I feel guilty about my emotional cheating”

  1. T says:

    Hi there
    I can only imagine how confused you would be right now. And to be honest you should’nt feel guilty why? Well yous never kissed or “sleep’t ” together you Carnt help who you connect to on an emotional level. Maybe talk to your partner about how you feel and that you don’t feel emotionally connected to him but you are wanting to fix that and get back on the right track with him. It could mean finding new things to do with each other that will help you connect. You don’t need to tell him about the other guy just yet. Just focus on your relationship with your guy first see if yous reconnect

  2. JH says:

    Although you didn’t do anything sexual, you did hold each other and talk about how attracted you are to each other, so I would have to disagree with T above about it being nothing to feel bad about. If you are doing something you know is not appropriate with another guy who is just a friend, you know you have crossed a boundary.
    People become intimate when they start sharing their deep feelings with each other. A way to guard yourself against this happening again is not to limit your talk with guy friends to things and thoughts, but not sharing your deepest inmost being with them. Then you won’t get attracted to them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well that’s totally normal. The Bible actual views seeing others and wanting something as cheating if you already have someone. The only way to prevent that from happening is to have your spouse or ask him what it is you want. However if he’s not pleasing you then a talk is necessary tell him you want more and what you like.

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