She gives just enough to keep me giving my all

I’ve been dating a lady for 7 months now. We had the initial honeymoon phase for 8/9 weeks. During that same time, she experienced a lot of change in her life other than me. Her work of 14 years became overwhelming and unrewarding forcing her to look for another job. Additionally, her son is graduating HS this year and will move away to college. As a result of all this “change” she admittedly began to withdraw, or as she put it “hit the brakes hard on purpose”. My response was to be gentle and empathetic by just chilling and being there for her. I didn’t push her to make a choice. Since then, we have been on a roller coaster, one week we are close and engaged in our relationship and the next, I hardly even know she’s interested. Unfortunately it’s been the latter more recently. She gives just enough of herself to me to keep me giving 100% of myself to her. I’m at the point where I need more if I’m to continue our relationship, not a lot more but certainly enough to know this is something she wants to pursue. Right now, I just really cannot tell. I’m torn because I know she cannot be expected to read my mind, but I do have a difficult time with addressing this. To me, if her heart were really into our relationship, she would have the desire to be close. Bringing this to her attention will either cause her to engage more or just go our separate ways. If she wants to stay in the relationship, how will I know it’s because she that’s what is in her heart rather than appeasing me to keep me here doing all the things that I do for her, supporting her emotionally and putting forth the effort to make her happy.

2 thoughts on “She gives just enough to keep me giving my all

  1. Garrett says:

    [Thats obviously tough, I think your best option would be to be open with her, confront her, try to understand that she might just be feeling busy and overwhelmed.

  2. Ken says:

    [Being open with her is your only option, for your sanity’s sake. Guessing her emotions will wreck you mentally.

    If she’s withdrawing, perhaps it’s best to let her withdraw and explore other options, because right now you’re not happy.

    But if she’s worth being patient for, give her some space to withdraw, knowing it’ll all work out at the end, assuming she wants the same thing.

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