“I don’t trust my girlfriend’s guy friend”

I have a girlfriend who has lied to me about an old friend. In the beginning of our relationship she told me about him and said that they stopped being friends because he proclaimed his love for her and she didn’t feel the same way. For awhile this was true — she never talked to him or anything and he was never a concern. A few months ago she started talking to him again, and he said that he just wanted to be friends and I was fine with this because I trusted her. It made me a little uncomfortable but nothing too extreme and I told her how I felt and we were fine, no problems.

One day she and her friend came over and she wasn’t feeling well so she was laying down while her friend and I were outside smoking a cigarette. She told me some stuff about my girlfriend that I didn’t ask to hear, but was completely opposite of what my girlfriend had told me. Only one thing she told me turned out to be true (the friend actually didn’t know what she was talking about fully and was just assuming, which she told me before even talking to my girlfriend), the fact that my girlfriend had previously had interest in this old friend and they had dated. And the way they were talking also indicated the same, and they were flirting on top of that. I told her how I felt and said that it makes it harder to trust her, but will try to and she made the decision to quit talking to him because “he was a problem to the relationship”.

A few days later, she finds out from the same friend that told me about them dating weeks ago, that this guy doesn’t like me at all and wants my girlfriend and I to break up so he has an opportunity to date her and tells me. She was pissed at this since he had told her he was just wanting to be friends which was obviously not the case. She still didn’t talk to him until he started contacting her all the time and she told me she never responded and wouldn’t. Two days ago, I found out that’s a lie. She texted him and had extensive conversations with him which she admitted to after I told her I knew she was talking to him and asking why she’d lie. Apparently (I didn’t see the texts or anything), he was saying bad things about me and she didn’t want to tell me about it. She says she only responds to him with pictures of us, but I don’t know what to believe since she’s lied about him twice now.

Should I end the relationship or see if things improve? Thank you.

One thought on ““I don’t trust my girlfriend’s guy friend”

  1. Syn says:

    She seems a little bit sketchy about the whole thing, why does she keep lying about him if she has no interest? Personally I don’t know your girlfriend so you would be the best judge of her character. Whether she is lying because she wants this whole situation to go away or whether she has something to hide. Though from what you are saying the problem seems to be more about her lying to you than her faithfulness.

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