“I have to choose between a career and my family”

My parents are strict: doctor, lawyer, engineer. You know typical high pay employment. I like arts. I like it but more importantly I like being able to choose my focus, my topic. If I’m not interested in it, the outcome is pretty brutal.

They don’t really recognize that I detest the topics related to those jobs (doctor, lawyer, engineer). So basically I am stuck between gambling my options; trying to pursue a career in the arts, without my family supporting me, or I can give up what I love, and possibly make some good money, and have my family.

I’m lost. Very lost.

3 thoughts on ““I have to choose between a career and my family”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually you DON’T have to choose between a high paying career and your family. You can choose a art career that is technically based such as web design and networking or marketing which will include graphic design and web page design as well as photography and whatever art you choose to include in it. Good luck to you.

  2. acci0story says:

    Always follow your heart. Your family might be mad but it’s nothing compared to all the years you’ll loose trying to make everyone else but you happy. THINK ABOUT YOURSELF BE EGOIST AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE

  3. Anonymous says:

    I chose to major in a career field that I wasn’t interested in but knew would provide me with decent employment and a good salary. Eight years later I’m stuck in the same field and dislike it even more. But, now that I have a family to support, it’s not in the cards for me to go back and do something new.

    My advice. Do something that makes you happy. Money is tempting but it doesn’t create happiness.

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