“Shall I ask him out for a drink?”

I recently visited an outdoor food market by myself, as I was passing and hungry. While there I got chatting to a guy working behind one of the stalls. We talked for about 15/20 minutes just about work/where we’re from and other random things. He told me not to be a stranger so I said I’d come back soon.

Went again today and again, we got chatting about random things – he said how he was going to visit home soon etc. I left as I was going to meet a friend but wished I had asked him for his number or just to go for a drink. Problem is, I can’t tell whether he’s just being nice or is actually interested! And I don’t want to be rejected!

I’d be willing to visit again and maybe ask him to go for a drink. What is your advice? Has anyone been in this situation before? Guys, have you ever been asked out by a girl and been glad? And do you think it’s possible he’s just being a nice guy? He waved at me across the courtyard and seemed eager to talk, where as he wasn’t making much conversation with the 4 other people waiting in line.
Thanks in advance.

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