“I feel inadequate because my boyfriend likes big boobs”

My boyfriend and I work in the sport supplement industry where we are surrounded by overly sexy women with big fake boobs and butts. We are both very fit and I never really felt unattractive before, until I found out how much he loves big boobs and looking at these women.

I’ve been called hot and sexy…but suddenly I feel inadequate. I’m very fit so my chest is pretty flat and my butt is just average I guess. I feel undesirable because he is constantly looking at these girls for their physical attributes. Sure, I know he loves me and finds me attractive. But I know he would be more attracted if I had these attributes he desires. What the hell do I do? I find myself crying every time I find that he’s been looking at these other women because I wish he’d look at me that way…

3 thoughts on ““I feel inadequate because my boyfriend likes big boobs”

  1. Anonymous says:

    He chose you for a reason. Just because I like looking at the menu, doesn’t mean I will order something else. Nothing he says will fix your self esteem. Only you can do that. You might need a psychiatrist to help you come to terms with the inner you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My boyfriend likes big boobs too. But the thing is if he accepts your flaws he will find your boobs just as beautiful. I don’t have the prettiest boobs but it took me a long time for my boyfriend to see them because i was insecure. Just tell him how you feel, honesty is the best policy, he shouldn’t shut out your feelings.

  3. suddensmallgirl says:

    I felt like this, my partners ‘preferences’ are small boobs, toned tummy and a nice booty! Whereas I have a bit of belly, boobs, butt, legs etc lol! But i’ve learnt one thing, so what? Let him look at a pair of boobs, people do look when they’re out so dont think he’s thinking sexual. You are good enough, just need to get the fuck it attitude and your confidence back!

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