“My long-term boyfriend has multiple dating profiles”

I’ve just found out my boyfriend of three years has multiple dating profiles on tinder and POF (he left his computer open). I haven’t told him I know about them yet. I’m trying to decide whether to stay with him. We’ve lived together for two years, and have just moved to the other side of the country four-months-ago to be closer to his son from a previous relationship. I’ve bought a house for us (in my name, as he has a lot of personal debt), with the settlement due next week. He has cheated on me in the past when we first met. I’m not sure if I can forgive him again.  Should I pack up and move back to my home state?

4 thoughts on ““My long-term boyfriend has multiple dating profiles”

  1. Inspired Witness says:

    You don’t seem surprised. You must be trapped there versus being able to just grab your keys and go. Therefore, your self-esteem must be so low about yourself that deep down you think you deserve this. He’s passed the line by this point. Do you expect to work this out? It really depends on what you are willing to accept. If you really want to stay, then make sure you pack condoms for him when he goes out. Don’t worry about where he’ll be each night. Don’t ask questions because you’re just the girl in the way. The alternative, leave, don’t look back. If you need closure, when he comes crawling back tell him what you found. But either way, he made his choice. Now you have to make yours.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad that the house is in your name, only. Please put him out of your house and give him a month to get his stuff out of the storage unit. He’s using you to buy a house for him and likely be the breadwinner, while he’s out “proving his manhood” to himself by sleeping with various women. He’s not a good person. Fortunately, you don’t have children with him now, so break it off while you can still make a clean break. Get some therapy to learn that you deserve better, and then don’t settle for less.

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