“Is it weird that this guy is really into me?”

I’m 18 and have a thing for older guys.

A few months ago I had a tinder date/hookup with a 33 year old guy who was just travelling through. We had a really great night and we got along really well and the sex was fantastic. I thought it was just a one night stand and I’d never hear from him again. The next day he did the typical “wow last night was amazing” texts and all that, and I went along with it and that was fine.

He was still texting me a few days later and every now and then we chat even still. But now he’s planning another trip basically just to come and see me again. He keep telling me things like how “sexy” I am and how I’m “the best body he’s been with” (I’m not mad at him for saying that because we’re keeping it strictly about sex that way.) I know he’s only saying those things because I’m young and he’s just infatuated with that but he also told me he named his van after me and he’s always telling me how much he thinks about me.

I’d love to boink him again, but is all this a bit too much? Should I cut things off before it gets too weird?